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Iowa State Fair

Aug. 10-20, 2023

Iowa Honey Producers Association

Iowa State Fair Honey Lemonade

1 (30 oz) carton Sunkist frozen lemon juice

25 oz of honey (approximately 3 cups)

Combine lemon juice & honey.

Add water to make 2 gallons.

Mix Well & Enjoy!

    The Iowa State Fair is one of the biggest events for the Iowa Honey Producers Association. Located in the Agricultural Building is great tasting Iowa honey, beeswax candles, honeycomb, and a variety of other honeybee products, much of which is entered into the Fair's judged competition.  Most of all, be sure to check out our Honey Lemonade stand - nothing better will quench your thirst on a hot August day.


    There is also an extensive beekeeping display. What kind of beekeeping exhibit would be complete without some actual honeybees? 

For all fair info please contact Heidi Love @
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