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The objects of this Association shall be to coordinate the interest of the beekeepers of Iowa and bring them into closer relationship of mutual helpfulness by association, conference and correspondence; to sponsor legislation for the benefit and protection of the industry; to assist in the dissemination of information on the control of diseases; to inform the members and the public of the valuable use of honey as well as the importance of the honey bee in relation to the pollination of agricultural crops, and to support every effort to promote the advancement of the beekeeping industry.


Are you afraid of bees? Don't be! With proper training and a little bit of courage, you can start a colony of honey-producing bees.  You'll soon find yourself enjoying time outdoors, relishing the sweet honey, and you'll have a community of fellow beekeepers that will encourage and support you every step of the way.
Fortunately, we're here to answer your questions. Contact us to find out how you can discover a passion for beekeeping.
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