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The merchandise is ready to order! This year, due to uncertain times, the Board of Directors has opted to use an on‐demand supplier for our merchandise.  There are several very good reasons for doing this.

One: The IHPA does not have to pay for the merchandise up front, thus saving us the expense of having the wrong shirts in the wrong sizes or colors.

Two: We don’t have to store the merchandise.

Three: We don’t have to transport all the merchandise to the State Fair or the Annual Meeting. And best of all, we don’t have to count it after the Fair for inventory purposes. 

You ask how do members order the merchandise from the on‐demand supplier? It’s easy – just click on the link below!  We are offering our standard colors – yellow, gray and black crew neck t‐shirt.  In addition, we will be offering one additional color this year – ISU cardinal.  All colors will be available in all sizes and designs. The apron will only be offered in a charcoal color.  This year we are offering a 30‐oz. Black Tumbler for sale. I’ve seen it and it is cool and keeps my drink cold for over 24 hours.

As you place your order, you will notice there is not a shipping charge. That will save you some money.  Your order will be shipped within two weeks. Here is a list of merchandise being offered:

Men’s SS Crew Neck T‐Shirt    $15

Men’s LS T‐Shirt                         $20

Men’s Sweatshirt                        $25

Hoodie                                         $30

Women’s SS V‐Neck T‐Shirt     $15

Women’s LG T‐Shirt                  $20

Women’s Sweatshirt                  $25

Apron                                           $15  

Tumbler, 30‐oz. Black                $30

Now that the Fair has been canceled, I will not need to order quantities of product for sale at the Fair. All the decisions are now up to you!    As you may notice, a new hat is missing. I am still working with the supplier on getting a quality hat at a quality price. Stay tuned. Hopefully we can add a new hat to the list on the website soon.   Click on the link below!!

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