Districts 1, 2, and 3 are up for election this year. Chris Jackson is the current director for district 1, Tom Hart is the director for district 2 and he would like to find a replacement (but is willing to serve another year if no one else will take up the mantle), and Ed St John is the current director of district 3 and does not wish to run another year. 

Directors are responsible for answering questions and providing guidance in their perspective districts. They are required to attend most board meetings (preferably all), and are expected to volunteer some of their time at state fair.


Officer positions are for 1 year and are up for reelection each year. There isn't a limit to the number of terms an individual can continue to be elected for. However, just like in normal government, just because one of these officers are willing to run another term, doesn't mean that you can't put your self up for consideration. It is the membership body that votes and decides who will fill a role.


This year we have 3 open positions. Our President, Treasurer, and Historian positions are completely open this year and we need candidates. 

President - position is currently held by Roy Kraft who is wanting to step down

Duties are to preside over meetings and to speak at IHPA engagements including Annual Conference, and Summer Field Day. To appoint all committee chairmen and is also the main contact for IHPA with public speaking events. The president also does a write-up in every issue of The Buzz.  

1st Candidate

Jason Foley


2nd Candidate

Rhonda Heston


3rd Candidate

Kris Silvers

Treasurer - open

This position currently does not have anyone fulfilling it. Duties are to handle all the funds and carry on all business of the Association. The books will close on September 30.  A report will be given at the annual meeting concerning the Association finances.  The annual review will be published in the Association newsletter.

Historian - open

This position currently does not have anyone fulfilling it. Duties are to assemble historical Iowa beekeeping information in an orderly fashion, store it in a safe place and make it accessible to those requesting it. In addition, new information will be assembled and added each year to ascertain a usable history of Iowa beekeeping. The historian is encouraged to write-up articles for The Buzz. 


Vice President - open

This position is currently fulfilled by Kris Silver's. It will be open and uncontested as she is running for President.

Duties are to step up and cover the duties of the president if there is a time that he can not attend an event or meeting. 

Secretary - position is Heidi Goodwin and she is planning to run for reelection.

Duties are to record the minutes at every meeting and distribute them to the board following said meeting.

1st Candidate

Heidi Love

Would you like to be a part of the board?

The elections are held at the business meeting on Friday. Any attending member can at that time request to be in the running for one of the positions mentioned above. You will be given a chance to speak out to membership on who you are, and why you would be a good fit for the position. Then membership will vote on the matter. If you would like to get the word out in advance that you want to run for a position email me (Jason Foley IHPA Webmaster) at Russianbeeguy@gmail.com. I will see about getting a head shot of you and putting something up on the website. I can also help answer any questions you might have about the position you are interested in.