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All About Infused Honey


What Is Infused Honey?

Infused honey is also known as flavored honey. It is a delicious concoction made using a wide range of herbs and spices with honey. These ingredients are intensely infused in the honey to give it a unique taste that enhances its mild flavor as well as enhance the health benefits of both the herbs and honey. Learn the process, what to watch for with moisture levels, laws and regulations for selling it, and about anything else you can think of.

Sara is a 3rd generation beekeeper, and is in her 6th year of beekeeping/owning The Holton Homestead with her partner in crime, Tyler Holton. Tyler is the main beekeeper and this allows Sara to focus on the biz, marketing, product development, educational outreach, and sales. In a few short years they have taken a 2 person home biz and grown it to the point of having numerous staff, weekly farmers markets all over central Iowa, a homestead store, and their products being carried in a plethora of grocery stores and small businesses. 

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