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The Inpact of Mushroom Extracts on Viral Levels in Production Honeybee Colonies


Talk Description:

In 2018, a study was released showing that mushroom based antiviral treatments could greatly drop viral loads in honeybees. I got curious how those treated hives faired long term, but discovered the data only followed 2 weeks post treating. Listen to my story of curiosity lead to grant writing and how honey production was impacted with results from my Iowa based research grant. 


Tyler Lane is the owner of Amanita Apiaries, a Des Moines based beekeeping operation focused on honey production. The stay at home mom turned beekeeper wrote a grant focused on the impact of mushroom extracts on viral levels in production honeybee colonies, and spent the majority of 2020 navigating the project during a pandemic. Diversifying her small business has lead to the additions of a queen breeding program, California almond pollination, and community outreach and education.

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