Master Beekeeper Programs


The breakout session will consist of a discussion about various programs across the U.S. that beekeepers can be a part of. It will go over some of their differences and complexities as well. The breakout will be hosted by Jason Foley and Jeff Becvar.

Jefferey K Becvar Sr.

Jeff is a retired US Army Sergeants Major, Veteran serving our Nation for 28 years. He  be began beekeeping while still Serving in the Army in 1995 and working at the University of  Kansas as the Chief Military Science Instructor Senior ROTC Program.  

His mentor was a fellow HAM Radio Operator named JD Linn of Baldwin City, KS and  he started with eleven bee hives. In 1999 Jeff completed the Midwest Master Beekeeping  Workshop at the University of Nebraska under Dr Marion Ellis and again in 2000 the Midwest  Queen Rearing Workshop also at the University of Nebraska with Dr Marion Ellis. 

As a beekeeper Jeff has grown in his experience and size of operation from his first  eleven hives to 350 hives and progressed from hobby to a large scale side liner beekeeper from  producing honey to pollinating fruits and vegetables in Kansas and then again after moving to  Iowa. Currently running about 140 hives while still working a full time job. His operation also  includes Spring Nucs, on occasion queen rearing and local hybrid queens and wood ware. Not  being afraid to get dirty is Willing provide assistance in the bee yards. 

Other levels of experience and competence levels that he shares is by providing  mentorship with aspiring beekeepers and has shared many many good and bad experiences  along the way. He also provides in depth bee removal services and performs as many as 62  removals a year from structures. 

Jeff is a former member of the Kansas Honey Producers Association, NE Kansas  Beekeepers Association, American Beekeepers Federation and is a Current member of the  Iowa Honey Producers Association.  


“I’m just an old Infantryman with a weird hobby.”