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Andy Hemken

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Mead Making

Now that you are a successful beekeeper producing lots of really great honey, How about making mead with your golden bounty? Learn the basics of mead making from a medal-winning mead maker / beekeeper. Mead is one of the easiest alcoholic beverages to produce, with just a few tips to get started.

Farmers Markets

Thinking about making some money with the products of your beehive, to help pay for your hobby/addiction? Learn about the benefits of selling at farm markets and fairs, with information gleaned from 20 years of market experience.


Andy “the Bee Guy” has been beekeeping since 1995 when he started with two hives. After meeting his beekeeping mentor, he bought 50 more hives. For a long time, in addition to being a full time safety and ergonomics consultant, he ran 100-150 hives as a small sideline operation. When 27 years of consulting, involuntarily ended, hobby and passion collided and suddenly Hemken Honey was a full time operation. With 400 hives, 8 farm markets throughout summer, a variety of seasonal markets and fairs, the schedule is tight. Andy has been teaching beginning beekeeping for the last 14 years and mentors many new beekeepers around southeast Wisconsin. He is the past president of the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association, served 17 years as president of the Milwaukee Waukesha Beekeepers Association and is a past writer and contributor to the American Bee Journal. Andy and his family do a variety of beekeeping presentations and enjoy educating the public on beekeeping and the benefits of honey. Andy has consulted with various Wisconsin municipalities to generate practical beekeeping ordinances. Mead making has been a logical passion for the last 22 years, he enjoying sharing this hobby with his son. He is active in the Beer Barons of Milwaukee, an active homebrew group with great marketing opportunities. Andy appreciates his very understanding wife who
puts up with his various endeavors.

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