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Iowa Honey Queen
Abigail Kelly


How Can YOU Help Our Bees Through Community Presentations

A presentation about how honey bees are not just for honey royalty.  Any beekeeper can successfully share about honey bees through a presentation.  This breakout session will explore helpful tips and tricks when it comes to presenting on honey bees.  How to be an effective IHPA State Fair volunteer will also be discussed.



Abigail Kelly is the 2020 and 2021 Iowa Honey Queen.  She has spent the last two years traveling around the state to represent IHPA by giving presentations on honey bees, beekeeping, and the products of the hive.  Through her travels, she has spoken to thousands of Iowans about the importance of honey bees and the impact we can have on them.


Abigail has been a beekeeper since she received the IHPA Youth Scholarship in 2018.  Her family keeps around fifteen beehives on four different locations in the Des Moines area.  Besides the work of actually taking care of the bees, Abigail also enjoys making value added products out of the honey and beeswax. 

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