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IHAP Awards and Achievements


If you know of somebody the IHPA should recognize during the Annual Meeting in November, please contact Curt Bronnenberg at 515-480-6075. Send nominations to or Curt Bronnenberg, 14405 Hull Ave, Perry, IA 50220. A brief written description of the nominee's involvement in beekeeping/IHPA would be appreciated.

Here are the categories. See if someone you know should have an award. If you know of an outstanding person who's efforts don't quite fit one of the below categories, feel free to suggest a new one and explain the circumstances. 

Lifetime Membership Award

Pioneer Award - for having been involved in beekeeping for 50 years oer more and still active in it. 

Distinguished Service Award - for assisting other beekeepers, being willing to share information, and/or serving the state association.


Education Award - for teaching beekeeping classes, speaking at service clubs, giving presentations to school children or speaking about beekeeping on radio or T.V. 

Promotions Award - for promoting honey and beekeeping, promotions for the state association or promoting their own product. 

Friendship Award - for being a friend of the association. This could be someone who has displayed at the annual IHPA trade show or a state official who has assisted or encouraged beekeeping. They do not need to be a member of our beekeeping community. 

Youth Award - for a young person who has shown commendable involvement in such things as helping with at least one season of beekeeping (including wintering), writing, making a float for a parade, speaking, etc. 

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