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Randall Cass


Why Bee Stings are a GOOD Thing

Ever wonder if you are at risk for developing severe allergies to bee venom? Have you heard stories about beekeepers having anaphylactic reactions? In this talk we will discuss the science of bee stings, what normal reactions to stings look like, and why getting many stings throughout the year may be right for you!


RRandall joined Iowa State University in 2017, becoming the institution's first bee extension specialist in over 70 years. In his role he coordinates bee research, manages the university's honey apiary, lectures, and provides outreach to beekeepers, farmers, and landowners. Cass is especially interested in taking an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to controlling honey bee pests and conducting research exploring the effects of landscape on colony health. He holds a Master of Science from the University of California, Davis and a B.A. from Willamette University.

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