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Eugene Makovec



American Bee Journal and the Golden Age of Beekeeping

The mid - 19th century was a time of momentous change and innovation in American beekeeping. An extraordinary collection of individuals arose in this era - men like Langstroth, Wagner, Root, Dadant, Quinby - and their discoveries and innovations revolutionized beekeeping in ways that are still with us today. ABJ was there in the midst of it all.

The State of Beekeeping in the United States

A frank look at our industry today-who we are and why we’re important; how we interact with the public, media and popular culture; the challenges we face; and reasons for optimism.


Eugene Makovec, Editor of American Bee Journal, is a 25-year, third-generation hobbyist beekeeper with about a dozen colonies. He is currently President of Three Rivers Beekeepers in St. Charles County, Missouri, has been active in several other local clubs and the Missouri State Beekeepers Association, and is the only two-time Missouri Beekeeper of the Year (2006 and 2015). He made a brief foray into politics in 2015, when he spearheaded a successful effort to deregulate the sale of honey in Missouri, removing honey from the “jams and jellies” law (and beekeepers from their “food processor” status) and thus allowing thousands of the state’s beekeepers to sell their product through retail outlets without benefit of a commercial kitchen.

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