Iowa Honey Producer members: 
The cancelling of the Iowa State Fair hits the IHPA very hard. A huge percentage of our income comes from that fair. We are looking at other opportunities for revenue. 
The board met on June 27th and made some very hard decisions. The Board has decided to cancel annual meeting for 2020. All officers and directors will stay on for another year. There was much discussion regarding the printing of The Buzz. The Board voted to publish The Buzz quarterly. The Buzz will be printed September, December, March and June. The new issues of The Buzz will be put on line after 6 months from the date of The Buzz. The cost of The Buzz is about $1,500.00 per time we print. The board wants to return to a monthly Buzz as soon as possible. 
The September Buzz will have more info. 
Roy Kraft President IHPA


You can order one decal for $10 or two for $15 (make check to IHPA).  You probably will want two since you will have two License Plates.  You don’t have to have a decal on both. Or you could choose a different non-profit organization’s decal and place on the other plate, as well. Or, in the future you want a different type of decal you can easily change it or update your current decal.

You can see the Decal below and on the DOT’s website which is; https://iowadot.gov/mvd/vehicleregistration/vehicleregistration/Decals

This decal is made to the same specifications that the month decal is made.  So, it should last a few years.  Now, for those of you that do not want to buy the Decal License Plate ($5.00 in addition to your registration fee plus $5.00 renewal fee at the County’s Treasurers Office) but still want a COOL DECAL you can use them like any decal – in your vehicle’s window, bumper or even on your refrigerator.

The purpose of this decal is raise awareness of Honey Bees and IHPA in Iowa.  Yes, we will raise some dollars too. All funds raised will go to support Iowa State Fair Booth renovations.

 Thanks for your support of this fun way of showing off our love of honey bees and of IHPA.  

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