Summer Field Day
Saturday, June 11th 2022

The 2022 IHPA Summer Field Day will start off with a tour of Smitty Bee Honey, Inc., a family owned and operated honey processing facility. After the tour, we will proceed to the Therkildsen Activity Center, a large multi-purpose center. This Field Day will be full of knowledge exchange for beekeepers of all levels. A delicious lunch will be served. 

Smitty Bee Honey, Inc., 208 Main Ave, Defiance, Iowa

8:00 am................Tour Starts

Therkilden Activity Center, 706 Victoria St., Harlan, Iowa

9:00 am................. Registration

9:30 am.........................Start of program

Speakers for this event include:

Eugene Makovec, editor of American Bee Journal

Amara Orth, Changes in Vibroacoustic Patterns in Failing Colonies

Duane Bejema, Ph.D. of the Agricultural Department of Dort University

Rogan Tokach, University of Nebraska, Pesticide Toxicology

Julia McGuireUsing Phenology to be a Better Beekeeper, & Using Grants to Increase Sustainability

Topics to be included: What Mite Control Product is Best For You, Catch a Live Swarm, Checking Your Hives for Problems, How to Become a Master Beekeeper, Problems with Small Hive Beetles, Mead Making, Smoker Problems, How to Raise Queen Bees...

This year we are encouraging our youth to attend and learn about the wonderful world of beekeeping. Somer of the other topics that will be included are: research focusing on pesticide toxicology and its impact on colony functions, mead making, wintering your bees, and many other topics.

Field Day Vendors Needed!

If you have any bee related products that you make or sell, we'd love to have you represented at our field day. If you have a homestead store or privately own business please consider adding to the diversity of our event. Not all of your products need to be bee related, but you have to have some sort of a tie in to the event lol. Handmade goods, signs, creamed honey, beekeeping supplies, clothing, pollen, honey, bee feeds and medications, bee themed art, etc. Please fill out this form and send it in to Cheri Van Sickle if you are interested. 

On behalf of the IHPA, thank you for attending the 2021 Annual Conference!



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