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Kelsey Wigans


ABC’s of Beekeeping: The In’s and Outs of Beekeeping

Are you wanting to get to know other beekeepers and what practices they use for different times of the year? Are you wondering about queen rearing, feeding your bees, mite treatment, and more? This interactive session will allow for audience participation with a semi-structured lesson from A-Z about keeping bees.


Kelsey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that serves as the Seed to Table Manager at Gilmore City-Bradgate Elementary School (GC-B). She has been employed with GC-B since 2016, but has been beekeeping since 2020. She is also incharge of the school’s garden, greenhouse, orchard, pumpkin patch, Grow Getters Gardening Club and Little Chefs Club, along with an ever-growing list of projects led by the students. She is passionate about educating our youth on where their food comes from, how it is grown, and how to prepare it.



Lily Hoover

Lily is classified as the assistant Seed to Table Manager at GC-B as an eighth grader at West Bend Mallard (WBM). She is the type of person you would like to hire as she is a natural born leader that takes other students under her wing to teach them what she has been learning from Kelsey since second grade. 


Olivia Dickey

Olivia is a seventh grader at WBM. Throughout her years at GC-B she has been a standout student. She takes on tasks with ease, and completes tasks with a steady poise and the ability to include others effortlessly. Olivia was part of a team that was named as Honorable Mention in the 2022 Ag Innovation Showcase where the problems stemmed from beekeeping challenges. 


Reese Benjamin

Reese is a sixth grade student at GC-B that moved to the district just two years ago. Ever since, she has been very involved with the Seed to Table Program. She is a natural leader with the ability to solve problems and take on challenges with ease. She is a student you can always count on to try out new things and learn as much as she can.

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