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Atreya Manaswi

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Small Hive Beetle Biology and Control

He has performed research on effective organic agents for small hive beetle treatment and will be sharing a comprehensive review on the small hive beetle and its behavior/biology. He will also be sharing his novel research findings in his presentation.


Atreya Manaswi is a 10th grade student at Orlando Science High School in Orlando, FL. He has been involved in university level laboratory academic research since the age of twelve and has won regional, national, and international awards for his extensive honey bee conservation research. In his four years of honey bee conservation research, the USDA, and University of Florida (UF) have funded his novel research projects. In 2021, he was recognized as one of the nation’s leading top 30 youth scientific minds in the prestigious Broadcom MASTERS STEM Competition amongst 10 million students across the country each year. Amongst this pool of top 30, he was recognized as the 1st place national winner in the category of Scientific Research. In 2022, he was selected as the winner of the At-Large BioGENEius Challenge (as one student from across the entire US) and qualified for the 2022 International BioGENEius Challenge where he was named the highest honors awardee. He is also a very active public speaker and actively uses STEM as a catalyst to make positive reform in the community. In July 2022, he was also invited to speak at the United Nations CBD's GYBN on his honey bee research as an invited speaker. Through his speaking at various forums across the globe, he has impacted an audience of 21,000 individuals. Atreya is also an enthusiastic actor and performing artist having been involved in countless theatrical productions since the 3rd grade, often starring as the lead antagonist role. Recently, Atreya played the lead role in a play at his school which focused on mental health/suicide awareness. He is also a practiced acoustic guitarist, having played for 5+ years, and enjoys playing for his community. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo which he has pursued for the last 8 years. All in all, Atreya is a high-energy, dedicated, motivated, and passionate individual with a willingness to grow and share his experiences with others. He takes pride in being a youth STEM leader with a fervent belief in the power of science and the youth’s ability to transform our globe.

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